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A less than 1KB css-in-js solution

The Great Shave Off

Hello there!

g o o b e r is all about keeping it small and offer the same functionalities. So with that, we're launching a new challenge open to everyone who wants to try it!

In exchange of your byte shavings we are offering 1USD dollar for each 1B removed from goober's output, minified and gzipped.

How it's all gonna happen

Step 1: Clone the repo from 👉 https://github.com/cristianbote/goober

Step 2: Do your magic of shaving off bytes!

Step 3: Open a PR to the above repo with the changes.

On each PR there's an action that builds out the changes and computes the amout of shavings.

Step 4: Submit an expense into g o o b e r 's open collective 👉 https://opencollective.com/goober

The amount should be calculated as per the amount of bytes reported by the action.

 -1 B = 1 USD
-10 B = 10 USD
-100 B = 100 USD 

That's about it!

If you have more questions don't hesitate to reach out by opening an issue.

This challenge would not be possible without the financial support from our backers. And with this we would like to thank them for their support! 🙏

If you'd like to support g o o b e r as well go to our https://opencollective.com/goober and become one!


A less than 1KB css-in-js solution.

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