A less than 1KB css-in-js solution


A less than 1KB css-in-js solution

The Great Shave Off Challenge

import { styled } from 'goober';

const Button = styled('button')`
  border: 0;
  background: dodgerblue;

  span {
    color: white;

  &:hover {
    background: tomato;
    span {
      color: black;

npm installgoober


Even though small in sizegooberhas got you covered, feature wise.


As the subtitle notes, this is the smallest and fullest featuredcss-in-js solution out there. Weighing at 1KB and once bundled it'sgonna be less due to tree-shake.

Familiar API

gooberis built on the shoulders of well established solutions. That means theAPI has been paved and we need to follow it. You'll findas,forwardRef,css,keyframes,styledand so much more.


Easily access your common sizes, colors, anything really with the use ofa theme.


gooberdoes more with less! Since the code measure less in size, it'sserved, read and ran quicker.

Server-Side Rendering

On the server you can easily extract the css for the current statewithextractCss.

Why the 🥜

The initial thought ofgooberwas a css-in-js solution at the cost of peanunts. Hence the peanutsemoji.

Build more

By using goober, you are practically getting back space in size to build more of theneeded features.

Takegooberfor a spin.


A less than 1KB css-in-js solution.

This website was built with wmr and goober.

Maintained with love by a bunch of good people.